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I am often asked what type of music that I play. Well, the best answer I have come up with is this:

I play history based folk music, focusing on, but not exclusively, Florida history.
Songs from the heart with a tenor's flair. Not country, not western, not folk, not opera, but an eclectic mix of all these elements.

This is the kind of music I write, sing, and enjoy. I hope you will, too!

Ben Dehart



Imagine you are back in time, sitting by a campfire in the Florida scrub. A cowboy picks up his well-worn guitar and out of nowhere comes a tenor voice as pure as Florida sugar cane, singing songs of cowboys, Seminoles, the land and a time long gone. You get a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye. Can you hear it?

That voice and those songs can be yours today.

BenDehartDiscover one of Florida's Hidden Treasures ...
Benjamin Dehart

It is an honor to introduce you to the astonishing blend of music that singer and songwriter Benjamin Dehart describes as, "not country, not western, not folk, not opera, but an eclectic mix of all these elements."

Historical writer Cinnamon Blair wrote, "I first heard Ben Dehart sing as he took his turn performing around a campfire at the Alafia River Rendezvous a few years ago. Ben's incredibly clear, strong tenor left everyone in awe."

That beautiful clarity comes through on Ben's CD, "Takin' Another Crack At It." The disc, which strongly reflects Ben's heritage in rural Cracker Florida, perfectly showcases Ben's talents not only as a singer, but as a writer and musician as well." This is our best seller and Ben graciously allowed us to use one track as the background for our DVD, Butch Harrison, Florida Cracker Storyteller.

Ben has a new CD titled, "Bittersweet Cowboy Reflections." This beautiful new CD just goes to show that a gifted artist like Ben can, like a fine wine, continue to get better over time.

Want to hear some samples? Click here.

BenDehart DVDs

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Another Side of Me
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Samples - Takin Another Crack At It!
CD contains 11 tracks, a 2003 release

Grey Cow Cavalry
All I Ever Wanted To Do Was Be A Cowboy
Iron Hombres & Steel Bandits: The Ballad of Cowboy Action
Open Country
Drunk Traps
Papa, Can You Hear?
1993-2003, Our First Ten Years
Granny, I Miss You
I Am A Rebel Soldier
Cracker Cowman
Deo Vindice/Erin Go Bragh

Samples - Bittersweet Cowboy Reflections
CD contains 13 tracks, Total Time 58.87
This is Ben's latest CD, a 2009 release

Wind River Rose
Ranch Rodeo Sweetheart
Sold My Saddle Blues
Cow Hunter Dreams
Incident At Ocean Pond aks Olustee
Keeping Old Memories Alive
Streets of Laredo
South Coast
Little Joe The Rangler
River Runs Wild
Hats And Boots
Eagle John

Playlist From Another Side of Me
CD contains 14 tracks, a 2006 release

The Ballad of Gator & Jumper
The Gift
Medicine Man
Coming Off The Roost (Instrumental)
The Wandering Bowman
Talons Made of Steel: The Ballad of Russell Klingbeil
The Archer's Paradise
A Warrior's Life On The Lines: A Story of Native American Ledger Art
Dog Soldiers (Instrumental)
Running Out of Time
The Archer's Paradise
Prayers In Smoke


Ben Is Following His Heart
In 2009 Ben chucked the golden chains of a corporate job to pursue his music full time. He maintains a busy schedule of appearances at fairs, festivals and meetings throughout Florida. Look for him at events in your area; you'll definitely enjoy the show.

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