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The Beginning

The Beginning
The Beginning was written in the 1960s at the height of the Civil Rights movement, and its publication in 1967 brought varied reactions. As a whole, the novel was favorably received, but not without its share of controversy. There were those who agreed that the novel was an accurate reflection of the times, and there were those who objected to the way certain levels of society - both black and white - were portrayed. It would have been impossible back then to write a novel about race relations in the South without taking shots from someone. Much has changed in the South and the nation since those turbulent times, particularly at this point in the United States' history.

Perhaps enough time has now passed so that readers can view The Beginning as what it was intended to be: a look into a changing South where even issues of relations between races were not simply black and white but as complex as the motivations within the human heart. This novel has been out of print for several years.

Customers have repeatedly asked for it, and have paid premium prices of over $100 for used copies on eBay and other such sites. Now we are happy to make it available in paperback for only $16.95.

The Beginning - $16.95

Patrick Smith's Florida, A Sense of Place
A Multiple Award-Winning DVD
A Sense Of Place Cover
Smith personally narrates this multiple award-winning program as video, historical photos and re-enacted scenes bring his stories of "Old Florida" and the interesting people and experiences he had on the way to writing his novels to life.

If you have heard any of Patrick Smith popular talks or read any of his novels, you will love this DVD because you feel like you are personally spending an hour with this celebrated author. If you have not yet read any of his novels, this will make you want to! 54 wonderful minutes.

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DVD $19.95


A White Deer and Other Stories

A White Deer And Other Stories Book Cover

A White Deer and other stories is Patrick Smith's latest release and the only collection of his short stories, spanning many decades of development as a writer.

It contains six delightful short stories that are pure Patrick Smith style. There is even a poem he wrote when he was 16 years old.

This is a "must read" for Patrick Smith fans. It allows you to look at his writing as it developed through several decades. You can see that he developed his "voice" as a writer early, and these stories show that voice developing through time.

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You will love these stories:

A White Deer (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

Journey Into Karma (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

Miss Jenny And the Minnows (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

The Demise Of Bester Boo Boo (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

A Pair Of Blue Shoes (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

Fried Mullet And Grits - Read this entire story for FREE. Click here. (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

A White Deer And Other Stories is softbound, 104 pages, with chapter illustrations.

A White Deer And Other Stories - $10.95 Also available on Kindle and NOOK!

Read the entire story of Fried Mullet And Grits for FREE. Click here.


Patrick Smith was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for this powerful novel, which remains one of his most popular books.

Forever Island
Forever Island

Forever Island has become the classic novel of the Everglades, evoking this haunting landscape in Patrick Smith's straight forward storytelling style. Since it first appeared in 1973, it has been published in 36 countries and contnues to educate new generations of Floridians about the need to preserve and protect the only Everglades on earth and those who depend on it for their very survival.

It tells the story of Charlie Jumper, an old Seminole Indian who clings to the ancient ways and teaches them to his grandson. When the white man arrives with bulldozers and plans for profit from the land on which Charlie hs lived for sixty years, the old man must fight to save what he considers holy. In warm, human terms, Smith recounts the struggle of this gentle old Indian who refuses to surrender his lifeblood to greed, disrespect, and the white man's version of progress

Forever Island $14.95 (Hardbound) 185 pages - Buy Forever Island 

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AllapattahAllapattah is the story of Toby Tiger, a young Seminole Indian who lives in despair in the white man's world. "Allapattah" means crocodile, a creature that becomes Toby's obsession and that he must wrestle to set himself free.

To Toby, his environment and his way of life are one and the same. When the white man encroaches on his territory - in the form of heartless hunters, haughty tourists, a by-the-book game warden, and a harried judge - Toby must do the only thing he can to reconnect with the land that gives him sustenance, with his beloved grandfather, and with allapattah.

Like Forever Island, Allapattah will take you deep into the everglades and make life there so realistic that you well feel you have personally visited, whether you have or not.

Allapattah is an excellent companion book to Forever Island and should be in your collection of Patrick Smith books.

$10.95 (Softbound) - 200 pages - buy button allapattah

The River is Home

The River is Home
The story revolves around a Mississippi family's struggle to cope with changes in their rural environment. It is the story of Skeeter, a young boy growing up in a family poor in material goods but rich in spiritual values, a family that lived in harmony with their surroundings.

Those surroundings consisted of swamps, woodlands and the ever-present river that connected them to civiliazations, provided them with an abundant food supply, and challenged them with periodic floods. How each member of the boy's family did or did not adapt to the demands of the river is a study in contrasts.

The River is Home $10.95 (Softbound) -  

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Angel City

Follow the course of the Teeters, a West Virginia family who came to Florida to better their lives. What they find is degradation in a migrant labor camp. His expose of those camps in Angel City served its intended purpose: to bring about change. Though this novel served as a social statement, it also works as a well-told social story, a work of literary art. It was also made into a movie and aired on CBS.


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Angel City $10.95 (Softbound) - 


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